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Tanza Coffee is speciality coffee. It is single origin and 100% premium arabica. It is dispatched within three weeks after roasting to give you the maximum great taste. Read more


We believe that each one of us, in all what we do, can spark a positive change. Tanza coffee sparks change through equal and ethical trade and being mindful of our impact to the environment. Read more


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Aranga Light-Medium roast

Aranga, Light-Medium roast

Our Light-Medium roast has more acidity than our Medium-Dark roast. Light roasting is favored in the specialty coffee industry for its ability to bring more vibrant, unique flavours out of the coffee beans. They highlight the unique characteristics of a coffee’s origin more than any other roasting style.

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Aranga Medium-Dark roast

Aranga, Medium-Dark roast

Our Medium-Dark roast is balanced, well rounded, and slightly darker and sweeter. The Medium-Dark roast is often considered more approachable than lighter roasts to the average coffee drinker. They’re less acidic and intense, but still can showcase a coffee’s natural flavour profile.

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Espresso Roast?

Any roast can be used to make an espresso with any espresso machine or a slow brewed filter coffee. What’s actually important is to select the appropriate grind for your espresso or filter coffee. Although we offer coffee in a filter and espresso grind, we strongly recommend you to grind your coffee yourself just before consumption to get the best coffee.

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Tanza Coffees

Tanza coffees are specialty coffees. Specialty coffee refers to exceptionally high-quality coffee. This entails that the coffee is free of primary defects, has no quakers, is properly sized and dried, presents in the cup free of faults and taints and has distinctive taste attributes. In other words, it stands for guaranteed premium quality throughout all stages of the coffee production process from the seed into your coffee cup.

Only 5% of the total worldwide coffee export qualify as specialty coffees according to the quality standards developed by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Our first Tanza coffee, Aranga scores 85 (Excellent) of the 100 total points.

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Aranga Farmers

Meet our farmers

The Aranga coffee is grown by a group of 30 small scale farming families in the village of Aranga, on the slopes of Mount Meru in Northern Tanzania. Each family owns approximately 0.5 to 2 acres farms, which are sustainably managed through intercropping (mixing coffee and other agricultural products) farming method. Aranga group boasts some of the best coffee to be found anywhere in Tanzania. The Aranga farmers are certified by the Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM).

The Aranga Coffee Group is also progressive in its involvement of women, where some even hold several key leadership positions. This is very unusual since in this part of Tanzania, sales earnings from coffee belong to men because traditionally men own the coffee trees. Improving the income of women mostly contributes to reducing local gender inequalities, make women more economically independent and has a bigger impact on the wellbeing of the whole family.

Meet our farmers

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