Tanza Coffee at work

For most of us a day at work start with a cup of coffee to kick start the day. We very much appreciate if this cup of coffee tastes
great, because in most cases it really sets up the motion for the rest of the day. A great cup of coffee boosts your energy,
keeps you sharp and it makes you social :). Employees feel appreciated and are satisfied if they have coffee great coffee.
There is no need to go out of the office for a decent cup. Happy, valued, and satisfied employees tend to be more productive.

Tanza Coffee is the type of coffee you and your colleagues want to take the first thing in the morning before you sit behind your
desk. Tanza’s Aranga coffee is grown with lots of love and hard work by our partners, a group of 30 farmers in Aranga village in
Arusha Tanzania. Grown in fertile volcanic rich soils, Aranga coffee has floral aromas, dark berry acidities and an especially
intense vanilla mouthfeel. Next to its great taste, by drinking Tanza coffee you are also creating an impact to the families of
these farmers.

Enjoy the great taste and join us in creating impact while sparking positive change through ethical and equal trade. Do you
want to learn more on how you can make your employees happy with Tanza coffee at work? Please send us an email at
info@tanzacoffee.com, or call us +316 23 88 99 20, we would like to get in touch with you.

It’s Tanza Time!